“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” – Albert Einstein.

Ever wonder how nature created all these? Everything around you, not to mention…you?
Nature is the closest thing to perfection we have on this planet. It’s been here millions of years before us and will continue to be here long after you and I are gone. So if you are looking for perfection where will you look for it? Yes, by looking into NATURE!

Our planet spins in PERFECT proximity to the sun, our bodies are doing millions of actions to keep us alive at this very moment, our world sustains itself and all its life forms with an incredibly intricate weather cycle. NATURE is without a doubt the ultimate SELF-SUSTAINING system.

So if our system is a system to create value (and money), and NATURE is the ultimate system, doesn’t it make sense then, to try to model this system after nature?
It’s so simple, yet no one has done it!

Before developing unitycash.org, we shifted our focus from just designing a system to look like other systems but we focused on replicating NATURE in this system.

Unitycash.org is a system that is self sustaining, a system that makes its own money and trades it on the crypto market. The earth we modeled is SELF-SUSTAINING because it heals itself? Just take a look at the effect of the lock-down, corona-virus has helped Earth with clean air and water, among other benefits. Which means the earth is able to heal itself. That is why the earth has lasted for millions of years. UnityCash was created with this same purpose! The system trades crypto on the crypto market, every member must pay $1 every month to keep this trade going, this helps to close-in on the debt that is created every time you make a withdrawal. One special effect is the autonomy of the system, meaning admins are not needed to merge members but this is done by the system’s A.I robot. By this effect, the system is exponentially more SUSTAINABLE. This is something so profound, yet something no system has ever solved(The issue of greedy admins!). I want a system that is self sustaining and without greedy admins like the earth! It all boils down to one question…. WHAT DO YOU WANT!

Join UnityCash! Join a self sustaining system! Join self Healing! Live forever rich on earth! One for all, All for One!