1. What is unitycash.org? Ans: unitycash.org is a platform that pays 50% on any investment made every 7 days
  2. I thought it was 3 days? Ans: we did a promo then. It is now 7days
  3. What is the minimum investment? Ans: You can invest with a minimum of 5000 naira
  4. What is the maximum investment? Ans: Because we are here to last there is no maximum investment for now
  5. How can i open an account? Ans: Click this link to register https://unitycash.org/?r=3283
  6. How much is the activation fee for my account? Ans: You activate account with 1000 naira or $2
  7. What is the steps to join?        

You are welcome to unitycash.org where you make 50% of your investment every 3days! To invest using payfric:

Steps for registering and activating your unitycash.org account with your payfric.com wallet

Step 1: First register on unity cash  by clicking 👉 https://unitycash.org/?r=3283

Step 2: On your dashboard click 👉”activate account with payfric”

Step 3: Now you will be taken to payfric.com for you to register.

Step 4: Register on https://payfric.com Select 👉 “ add bank” and add your Nigerian bank account details on payfric.com

Step 5: Make your payment of 1200 to the account details below👇🏻

Account name: Kodson international Limited

Account number: 0028727958

Bank name: Unity Bank.

Make payment and send proof of payment with your payfric email to 09098983377 or 07045358543

Step 6: Once your wallet has been funded, login to your unitycash.org account and click on 👉 “activate with payfric”. Now enter your payfric credentials to authorize the payment.

Step 7: Congratulations 🍾 your account is now activated.

Step 8: Goto https://unitycash.org and

Update your profile to begin investing.

Step 9: Click on make payment and choose any method you like to use for investing. You can use payfric, bank to bank, bitcoin or etherum.

Website: https://unitycash.org

Telegram Forum: https://t.me/unitycash9ja

WhatsApp forum:  https://chat.whatsapp.com/JIKY82xXskFEbKMx9YVgIi

For issues regarding unitycash.org, WhatsApp or call support on 07045358543

  • What payment options do i need to invest? Ans: you can use A) payfric.com B) Bank Transfer C) Bitcoin D) Etherum
  • Is multiple investment allowed? Ans: No: your running investment must must be over before you can invest again
  • What is payfric.com? Ans: Payfric.com is a third party payment system that allows seamless payment on our platform. It is not owned or operated by unitycash.org.
  • How do i get a payfric account? Ans: Goto https://payfric.com
  • What is the best payment method? Ans: depends on your choice but if you want automatic payment and confirmation, use payfric.com
  • What is the unitycash.org customer care line? ANS: Call or whatsapp: 07045358543
  • What is unitycash.org official Telegram? Ans: Our official telegram group is  https://t.me/unitycash9ja
  • What can i withdraw? Ans: You can withdraw any amount you see in “Balance”, that is what is available for withdrawal
  • How do i know i have been merged? Ans: You will see Pending payout on your dashboard